Yeppers the Whiteout is still on, but we are being asked to limited indoor gatherings.  We will also be taking extra effort to protect our people so below are some changes:
1.  Indoor Friday night Party with Six Dollar String Band is canceled, we are currently looking at an outdoor venue for that but no promises!
2.  No day of registration nor rider check in:  EVERYONE needs to have their teams organized, registered, and in the right category by Friday Feb 4th at 5 pm. I will send out an email to confirm that Wednesday before the team names, people on those teams and category.  All changes need to happen by 5 pm Friday Feb 4th.
3.  Saturday night party is canceled
4.  When riders come in from their laps, they will write on a whiteboard their team name and category and show it through the window to Bill who will be organizing the board with team lap times from inside the Avon.  You will be able to see the board through the window.
5.  We will not allow more than 12 people at a time inside the Avon (to go to the bathroom, to get a screen print of whiteout, etc.) and those people will need to have a mask on.
6.  All participants will need a negative test within 24 hours UNLESS they are fully vaccinated.
What Stays the Same:
1.  We will still be having the same awesome course with kegs out at the outpost (proceeds benefiting Devo), bacon at shrine hill and we will have the street closed in front of the Avon with a tent and a fire to keep warm.
2.  Riders do not need to check in before the event unless they want a beer at the outpost and we will be checking id's and getting wrist bands out (if you forget your ID, ride with it and we can check it out at the outpost).
3.  Awards will be at the rooftop deck of the Coffee Bear and their bar will be open 4pm-8pm.  Rooftop limited to 50 people (ideally those people and families receiving an award!)
4.  We have WO patches for everyone and you can bring items to get screen printed with WO art:
Master Silk Screenist Jenn Rawling will be set up in the Avon Library Saturday February 5th doing onsite WhiteOCTOout prints on your clothing of choice.
Think accordingly for clothing options.
Screen is roughly nine inches squarish. 
Two ink options are available BLACK and WHITE. 
Drop off starting at 9am pick up by 5pm
9am to 12pm printing black ink light (best on light clothing)
12pm to 3pm printing white ink (best on dark clothing)
5$ to 20$ sliding scale...
Bottom line:  We will ride bikes and have fun, BUT it will be very difficult to "hang" anywhere.  Restaurants are open and we will have porta potties for bathroom use, but the Avon nor Grand Imperial are where you can hang out and base your teams out of.  If you do not have a place to stay in Silverton, chances are you will be warming up and waiting for your team members in your car.  I am happy to refund anyone as I know this is less than ideal.  But there is lodging left in Silverton and my personal advice is get a room and let that be where you stay warm while you wait for your team member to come in!
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We love all the people and businesses that support us!  Please contact Sarah at 970-779-8480

Click here to volunteer for the Whiteout! Sign Up!

-Nathan, John, Todd and the Town of Silverton

-Daniel at the Avon

- Bruce and Sheriff’s department

-Out Post crew: Durango Cyclery, Durango Devo and Ska

-Ron and King Cage

-Austin and Casey for hosting Friday night party

-Deeanne with Silverton Chamber of Commerce

-Coffee Bear for volunteer sandwiches

-Ska for Sponsoring Outpost

-Six Dollar, Tricerahops DJ Bad Goat and Viktor

-Ezster our photographer

-Trophy Artists:  Mike, Tracy, Max, Doom, Ryan, Dylan, Eric Way, Andy, Tim, Jes, Shannon, Dan, Roxy, Viktor

-Chad for Firewood

-Bill Pile for always being there in the racer check in room

-San Juan County

-Devo and Fort Lewis college for loaning us a lot of stuff!

-Jack, Leit, Lucy and Sailor for being out set up crew/muscle for the event

-Jamie and Melissa as our lead Reg Crew

-Nan for being our fearless volunteer coordinator

-Mark for donating the cabooses, our sled, cars, trailers, and just being ok with Sarah working and not being home to make the event happen



Feb 5th, 2022 Whiteout Schedule (Snowscape activities below)


  • 3-6 Rider ID check, Poster and Screen Print drop off at tent outside Avon
  • 6 pm traffic Marshall meeting at tent outside Avon
  • 7 pm TTT Night Ride/ meet at tent outside Avon


  • 9:45 Very serious Team Meeting near tent outside at Avon
  • 9:55 Still water Vox start WO with a song
  • 10 am start after singing of a patriotic song of sorts
  • 8 hours of Snow Bike goodness
  • 9am- 11 am Rider ID check at tent at Avon
  • 9am-5 pm Poster buying and Screen Print drop off at tent outside Avon
  • 10am-5pm Durango Devo and Ska present: Dance Party, Ska kegs, smores and BB target shooting contest at Outpost at far end of course as well a Shrine Hills Bacon aid Station
  • 12- 2pm Six Dollar Plays at the Outpost
  • Noon-4pm 14th and Cement/ Todd's House kegs and Band (plays at 2pm) for donations to Silverton Single Track Society
  • 4:30 pm Last racer sent out on course (no riders out after 4:30 pm)
  • 6 pm race ends
  • 7 pm  Awards ceremony at rooftop deck of Coffee Bear
-For Beer gardens at Todd's House and Outpost:  You will need to ride with your ID as well as cash (Devo will be able to accept Credit Cards), or you can get your ID checked at tent outside Avon Friday 3-6pm or Saturday 9am-11am -No alcohol outside of the fencing areas of both these locations pretty please

Snowscape Schedule

What is Snowscape?  Snowscape is Silverton's winter festival that has family activities and more! Please feel free to jump off the Whiteout Course and be a part of anything Snowscape has going on all weeklong!

Friday, February 4th                         

3:00 PM - 6:00 PM             Whiteout Rider ID Check, Poster and Screen Print Drop Off - The Avon Hotel (Outside Tent)

4:00 PM -6:00 PM              Workshop - Classic Cardboard Box Sled Derby - Kendall Mountain Ski Area

6:00 PM                                   Whiteout Traffic Marshall Meeting – The Avon Hotel (Outside Tent)

7:00 PM                                   Whiteout TTT Night Ride – The Avon Hotel (Outside Tent)

Saturday, February 5th                   

8:45 AM                                   Whiteout very serious Team Meeting – The Avon Hotel (Outside Tent)

8:55                              Stillwater Vox start WO race with a song

9:00 AM                                   Whiteout Race Start – The Avon Hotel (Outside Tent)

9:00 AM - 2:00 PM               Whiteout Rider ID Check, Poster and Screen Print Drop Off - The Avon Hotel (Outside Tent)

10:00 AM - 5:00 PM          Whiteout Dance Party, Smores, BB Target Shooting Contest - Last Outpost /

10:00 AM                                Yeti Dunes Executive Golf Classic - Train Depot

11:00 AM                                Classic Cardboard Box Sled Derby - Kendall Mountain Ski Area

11:00 AM - 4:00 PM          Snow Sculpture Creations – Kendall Mountain Ski Area

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM             Nordic Relay Races (Kids) - Kendall Mountain Ski Area

2:00 PM                                   Broomball - Kendall Mountain Ski Area

2:00 pm                      Todd's House keg and band to benefit Silverton Single Track

3:00 PM                                   Yukigassen – Capture-the-Flag Snowball Fight (Kids/Youth) - Kendall Mountain Ski Area

4:30 PM                                   Whiteout - Last racer sent out on course – The Avon Hotel (Outside Tent)

6:00 PM                                   Whiteout Race Ends – The Avon Hotel

7:00 PM                                   Whiteout Awards Ceremony – Coffee Bear (Rooftop)

Sunday, February 6th                       

11:00 AM                                Ice Hockey Skills Clinic and Pickup Games

1:00 PM                                   Nordic Trail Races (Adult/All Ages) - Train Depot



Race Head Quarters at Avon Hotel on Blair Street!

  • The Avon Hotel
  • 144 East 10th Street
  • (303) 910-2960

Other Lodging Options in Silverton:

  • Bent Elbow Restaurant & Hotel
  • 1114 Blair Street, Silverton, CO ‎
  • (970) 387-5775
  • The Wyman Hotel & Inn
  • 1371 Greene Street, Silverton, CO ‎
  • (970) 387-5372
  • Teller House Hotel
  • 1250 Greene Street, Silverton, CO ‎
  • 970) 387-5423
  • Prospector Motel
  • 1015 Greene Street, Silverton, CO ‎
  • (970) 387-5466
  • Silverton's Inn of the Rockies at the Historic Alma House
  • 220 East 10th Street, Silverton, CO ‎
  • (970) 387-5336
  • Canyon View Motel
  • 661 Greene Street, Silverton, CO ‎
  • (970) 387-5400 ‎
For hours of operation for restaurants, click below: SILVERTON_WINTER_DINING_GUIDE_20  


2022 Course:  CLICK HERE FOR A RIDEGPS FILE *Please be aware, that alcohol is not allowed on the course and only allowed in permitted areas or bars!!!!        


  • Silverton Whiteout | Fat Bike Race Directors
  • 970-779-8480
  • 144 East 10th St | Silverton CO 81433
  • Race Headquarters : Avon Hotel